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Social Security Disability

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Applying for Social Security Disability 

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Uncategorized, Supplemental Security Income | Comments Off on Applying for Social Security Disability 

Social Security Disability


There is no right or bad time for applying for social security disability, you should apply for it if you get disabled. This is done to ensure that you start getting that social security disability (SSD) as soon as possible. As you might not be aware of waiting period of six months of disability before it begins.

1-10-11socsec-f3Supplemental Security Income or SSI is paid to you either in first month after your apply for SSD or the moment you go through the process and become eligible for SSI. There is an option of applying for Disability benefits over the Internet, but if you don’t prefer that you can do that over a tool-free number. Over that number you can make appointments to transfer all necessary data over phone or other service. There is also an option of TTY number for deaf people or those that have milder problems with their hearing please click here .

You will also get your hands on The Disability Starter Kit which will help you fill out the application form as well in providing right documents that are needed. All important information on disability benefits, general information as well as help in decision making process can be all found within this kit.

You must think about disability, that is not something you are safe from. In fact, you have pretty good chances of becoming disabled in your life, especially if you play sports or if you are factory worker. Disregarding that knowledge is not something you can afford, because you can’t plan for disability, but you can be prepared one it happens. So do some research look into both of disability benefits, Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income. For once something happens it will be up to you to apply for one of them, and having everything prepared is right way to act.

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Social Security Disability benefits

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Once you apply for social security disability benefits it will either be approved or denied. For those of you whose applications were denied you have a right of appeal, which can also be done online. Appeal can be done on two different reasons:

8-9-12ss-f2Those that have its roots in medical background for which you can complete an appeal report online and it will be reviewed and final decision will be made

And those that have non-medical background for which you can ask for another additional review.

For hose whose applications are approved they might receive one form of disability benefits. There are several ways in which you can get benefits for your disability and they range in their purpose visit this page .

If your social security disability benefits come in the form of cash deposits then you should be ready to receive them electronically. This is mandatory since 2013 when new law makes it so. All applicants that apply to social security disability will have to open account on which they would receive money. Those that had those benefits before 2013 must create such accounts and replace normal deposits with e- transactions.

Your benefits can come in form of ticket to work program. This program exists so it can connect disabled people with job positions they might work, and they are also there to secure the job position and remove any obstacles that would pose problems for disabled people. This type of benefits is good for people who are willing to work and who don’t want their disability controlling their decisions. They want to reach success even if their state of disability makes it harder. People like that are backed up by this program.


Representative Payment program comes in play when disabled person has no ability of control of their social security. This program picks out representatives that will manage all financial aspects of the disabled. Family has priority, but this obligation is not limited on family. Friends might do as well, but if there is none who would take that responsibility then some organization would be picked, organization that has people in that line of work.

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About Social Security Disability requirements

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Social Security Disability  | Comments Off on About Social Security Disability requirements

Social Security Disability requirements


It is not easy to get your application approved and to receive social security disability benefits. There is a strict definition of disability right now, and only people who can’t work due to medical condition for minimum of a year and up to end of their life can apply for disability benefits. Some programs exist to support people with partial or short term disability , but Social Security doesn’t cover those cases.

Social Security is focused on disabled workers, and their rights. To get a support from Social Security you must reach earning requirements of which there are two:

728px-Get-Social-Security-Disability-Step-16-Version-2You have to own a work test that is recent in time and it has to contain your age and time of disablement. This test is based on those two fact as it goes.

Second requirement involves assesment of that work test which shows whether you have worked long enough under Social Security . This requirement is only requirement for blind workers , while other have to fulfill both of them on useful website .

If you have disability you haven’t reported or you are simply preparing for such thing then you should know that there are two ways for application, over phone and through online form. And you should apply  for social security as soon as you get disabled. Verification of all documents you send will last up to five months, so wasting more time by staying back from application is not wise.

There is a number of things you will have to send in order to get support and care from social security and that information requirements include:

Social Security number
Certificate of your birth or baptism, but the birth certificate holds more useful information
You will have to provide them with names phone numbers and addresses of all doctors, hospitals and other facilities that take care of you as well as all dates of your visits to each one of those
All medicines you take must be send
All medical records from all kinds of doctors that are in your possession
And many more requirements and forms you will have to fill out.

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